Modular wall panelling Tribeca 3D

Tribeca 3D wall covering is composed of 810 x 810 mm (32” x 32”) modules, crafted with three different patterns. The main feature are the 3D effects, available in a number of different decorations. Tribeca 3D offers an exquisite wall covering solution, with a rigorous geometric pattern created with perpendicular and diagonal lines. The covering is available in Walnut, Oak or other materials, depending on the requirements of a particular setting and its occupants. Some modules may feature details in different wood or lacquered metal finishes. The design is elegant and essential at the same time and it makes Tribeca 3D the ideal solution to cover not only walls but also the furniture elements.

Main uses:

  • covering for existing walls – wall panelling
  • doors for cupboards/wardrobes/made-to-measure furniture
  • through doors (swing doors or pivoting doors flush with the wall panelling)

Wall covering

Panels with a layer of high-quality solid wood with 8 mm (0,3”) bas-relief milling in Walnut or Oak. Tribeca 3D is created using individual solid wood elements and is milled exclusively along the grain, to enhance the beauty of the wood. The panels are then assembled and composed in 810 x 810 mm (32” x 32”) elements.

Custom workmanship

Interior through doors (swing, sliding, pivoting), wardrobe doors and front panels for sideboards can be made using the same distinctive Tribeca 3D workmanship. The hallmark of the Tribeca 3D panels is that they are smoothed on all four sides, offering greater protection for the high-quality wood part and preventing inconvenient sharp edges. Furnishings and doors can be created once a careful feasibility analysis has been carried out by the Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro technical department.


The panels are supplied in the standard size, with a groove-to-groove interlocking system. They can be secured to the walls using wooden strips to enable distancing of the panels, facilitating the normal air circulation and concealing any cables external to the wall. The wall can be completed using finishing profiles in colours that match those of the wood covering material.

The product comes from the creative synergy between Arte Brotto and Foglie d'Oro.

The floor design was patented by Foglie d'Oro, the Latifoglia company brand

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Width 360mm
Height 720mm
Depth 15mm -18mm

Materials and Finishes


The Tribeca 3D modular wall panelling is available with various finishes.

  • Noce oliato

  • Noce Ca’ Conti

  • Noce Grey 01

  • Noce Ca’ Selva

  • Rovere Natura

  • Rovere Ca’ Pisani


  • NeroNero
  • Ottone spazzolatoOttone spazzolato
  • PiomboPiombo
  • TerraTerra