Modular wall panelling Azalea 3D

Modular wall panelling Azalea 3D

Azalea 3D is the creative result - aesthetically original and eclectic - of the symbiosis between the textures of Tribeca 3D and the Azalea floor by Foglie d’Oro. The design, a geometric abstraction of natural shapes, can be chosen in Walnut or Oak version or in the Azalea 3D Art version, which plays with the union between wood inserts and marble. The aesthetic richness of the modular wall panelling Azalea 3D and Azalea 3D Art allows to obtain unique and personalised compositions each time, guaranteeing at the same time an easy design and simple installation.

Main uses

  • covering for existing walls – wall panelling
Azalea 3D Wall covering

The elements of Azalea 3D are composed with a layer of high-quality solid wood. They are supplied with single “petal” elements with a groove-to-groove interlocking system. Each complete floral element consists of 6 petals and square meters is 0.5454 square meter.


The modules can be secured to the walls using wooden strips to enable distancing of the panels, facilitate normal air circulation and conceal any cables external to the wall or direct bondin. The additional decorative marble is available by adding an extra cost. The wall can be completed using finishing profiles in colours that match those of the wood covering material.

Azalea 3D Art Wall covering

The modular wall panelling Azalea 3D Art comes with modules composed of 6 petals. The wall covering Azalea Art decorative is supplied with modules complete with 6 petals. It is possible to choose the number of modules chosen by the customer for the composition combining 3D Azalea in wood and marble.


The entire work will be supplied with a special wall spacer panel with wall mounting predisposition. All the perimeter frames of finishing will be supplied pre-cut following the trend of the composition decided by the customer.

The product comes from the creative synergy between Arte Brotto and Foglie d'Oro.

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  • Noce Cá ContiNoce Cá Conti
  • Noce lucidoNoce lucido
  • Rovere Ca’ PisaniRovere Ca’ Pisani
  • Rovere NaturaRovere Natura


  • Ottone spazzolatoOttone spazzolato
  • PiomboPiombo


  • Breccia paradisoBreccia paradiso
  • Emperador DarkEmperador Dark
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