Evolution in continuity: new logo and new website for Arte Brotto

Nature has taught us that things happen when they happen, but that this happening is the result of a long journey, of a silent transformation. Who gets to this news already knowing Arte Brotto, will have noticed. To those who do not know our company, we say: this is our new website and what we show in this news – and you see in the top left corner, on each page – is our new logo. They are the results of an in-depth work, which has involved us for at least two years.

It is not easy, changing a visual identity that has accompanied us for so many years and to which many of us associate important moments of their life – working life, and not. Yet, we were finally aware that the time was ripe to do so: for some time now Arte Brotto designs and produces furniture and collections that we like to define contemporary eco-design: made in Italy, beauty that enhances the aesthetic and structural qualities of the solid wood of Walnut and Oak. We took this new road without forgetting those who still esteem us and look for furniture in style, classic taste, which made us known all over the world in the first years of activity, of course.

Evolution in continuity: this is the concept that has guided us and that we find expressed in the new logo. The word Arte becomes evident and reminds us of where we come from, the history of classic furniture, which we helped write. The Brotto surname is the personal signature, which reminds everybody how our company is a family with a passion for wood – even before a family business. The font is modern and decisive. The result is a memorable logo, in its essentiality: inside it, there are more than 50 years of history and future to be written.

And then there is the site where we’re virtually meeting. It expresses the Arte Brotto of today, but also that of tomorrow: each product is categorized for collections and typology, identified by its own code. Not only: there are many interesting topics for those who love interior design. You can discover the behind-the-scenes of the products, the supply chain and the craftmanship: all together, these gestures of artisanal care, united to planning competence and constant entrepreneurial drive, define the soul of Arte Brotto. What we allow ourselves to say, with good reason, distinguishes us from other companies and brands in the sector/this area.