Say hello to CLIK, the new range of furniture from Arte Brotto.

Versatile, pop, sophisticated: these are the three adjectives that best describe the style and functional identity of the new range created by Arte Brotto in collaboration with the designers Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol.

Inspired by the most recent contemporary evolutions of Leonardo, CLIK combines the 100% Italian quality of Arte Brotto furniture with the natural beauty of Walnut and Oak, in a smart, dynamic spirit. The signature feature of the range is the possibility to give the pieces a new look easily and quickly, thanks to the patented system that allows you to choose new covers to apply to the doors. This extremely simple operation does not require specialised staff, and can be carried out independently by the user.

The new replaceable cover system adds further versatility to the customisation options Arte Brotto offers for all its collections. CLIK models can be chosen in 6 different wood finishes: the walnut options Noce Ca’ Conti, Noce Oliato and Noce Ca’ Selva, and the oak options Rovere Natura, Rovere Grigio Perla and Rovere Ca’ Pisani. Added to these are three splendid metallic finishes – Piombo, Ottone Lunare e Shadow – that bring a bright, contemporary character to both the metal parts and the wooden structure. The covers are available in both simple, plain-coloured versions and two hand-inlaid versions, Play and Zed.

A wide variety of creative solutions to choose from to give the CLIK models a new look over time: three sideboards, a tall cabinet and an eclectic, multi-function piece that can be used as a writing desk, drinks cabinet or dressing table