Vero Table with Slim metal legs

Item Code: L620 - SLIM

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  • Vero Table with Slim metal legs
  • Vero Table with Slim metal legs
  • Vero Table with Slim metal legs
  • Vero Table with Slim metal legs
  • Vero Table with Slim metal legs
  • Vero Table with Slim metal legs

Vero Table in solid walnut or solid oak with Slim metal legs

Each Vero table is a unique, one-off work of art, created from twin planks of solid wood carved from the central section of the same trunk and joined together using special handmade joints, also made from wood or metal with different finishes. The edges of the Walnut or Oak planks are those of the trunk they are carved from, for an irregular, natural effect that is extremely pleasant and distinctive. The table comes in a rich variety of finishes, from Natural Oiled to more contemporary solutions. The table top can be teamed with designer legs crafted in wood, metal or marble. The Vero table tops are available in a number of sizes; up to 4 metres in length, with a solid thickness of 5 cm and a width that can vary from 90 to 105 cm depending on the natural shape of the trunk. The height of all the tables is 76 cm. For larger sizes, stock availability must be verified. Vero turns the unique beauty of nature into art, creating an extraordinary piece of ecodesign furniture that would not be possible without the skill of Arte Brotto’s craftsmen and designers and our complete control over the wood supply chain, with a raw materials warehouse unrivalled in terms of the quantity and quality of the fine wood varieties stored there.

Slim metal legs

The Slim leg is designed to minimise the volumetric impact of the bases and emphasise the unique and precious tabletops. Structurally very robust, Slim is particularly suitable for small tables. The skill of Arte Brotto’s master craftsmen ensures that the welds are perfectly concealed, further enhancing the quality and outstanding effect of the leg.

Design DAB



The tops of the Vero tables are available up to 350cm in length.
Larger sizes is available on request.
Width between 90cm and 105cm.
Table height 76cm.

Materials and Finishes


The tops of the Vero tables are available in different finishes

  • Noce Grey 01

  • Noce Ca' Conti

  • Noce oliato

  • Noce Ca' Selva

  • Noce lucido

  • Rovere Natura

  • Rovere oliato

  • Rovere Ca' Tiepolo

  • Rovere Ca' Corner

  • Rovere Ca' Pisani

  • Rovere Onda nero


  • TerraTerra
  • NeroNero
  • PiomboPiombo
  • Ottone SpazzolatoOttone Spazzolato
  • RosèRosè
  • Piombo PatinatoPiombo Patinato
  • Ottone MacchiatoOttone Macchiato