The Vivo table, one of the greatest expressions of eco-design furniture by Arte Brotto, is renewed and offers a wide range of customization in terms of design and dimensions.

The solid Walnut that has always characterized the table top, can now dialogue with five different solutions for the design of the legs: in solid wood, for those who love wood without compromise; or in metal, for combinations with a more unusual and contemporary taste. In any case, without ever losing the balance and harmony that the Arte Brotto design team puts at the center of the creation of each new product, line or customized project. The versatility of the new Vivo also extends to the choice of dimensional variants (four different lengths: 180 cm, 210 cm, 250 cm, 300 cm, with a width of 100 cm), with the possibility of having the version with extensions, extremely practical and smart. This is Vivo: the apparent simplicity of a unique table, the result of the ability of Arte Brotto master craftsmen and the careful choice of the best raw material.