CLIK desk, drinks cabinet, dressing table

CLIK desk, drinks cabinet, dressing table


A smart, versatile furnishing element that is the perfect expression of the pop, contemporary essence of the CLIK line. Depending on requirements, it can be used as a writing desk, drinks cabinet or dressing table, making it ideal for both the living and sleeping areas. Available in six different finishes for the wooden parts (three Walnut and three Oak) and three finishes for the metal parts, the distinctive feature of the piece – and of all the others in the CLIK range - is that the doors can subsequently be changed quickly and easily, thanks to the system patented by Arte Brotto. This simple stroke of genius allows you to give your furnishings a new look whenever you like, while maintaining the quality of the finest Italian-crafted wood furniture.


W cm H cm D cm
137 118 47

Код артикула L1850


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