Life – because it originates from the natural strength of real wood.

Life – because its modular logic adapts to every space.

Life – because customization means live design.

Life is the innovative walk-in closed signed by Arte Brotto, where prestigious essences and special materials meet each other for a compositional versatility out of the ordinary.  Environmental sustainability and contemporary taste, visual lightness and continuity between the spaces, with a revolutionary vision  of the interiors: these are the concepts that have guided  the designing of a new, extraordinary product. All you have to do is imagine and live your idea of Life. A unique walk-in closet, as unique is the life of each person, of each family. Life is entirely made of solid wood, characteristic that sets it apart from every other solution present on the market. An innovative and light design made of simple and elegant lines, that enhances the timeless charm of solid wood, with its grain that characterizes the true essences of walnut and oak – real symbol of value, quality, and refinement.