The full green of Arte Brotto

Life Arte Brotto Ecodesign

Life – because it originates from the natural strength of real wood.

Life – because its modular logic adapts to every space.

Life – because customization means live design.

Life Arte Brotto Ecodesign
logo Vero Arte Brotto

Every emotion is unique. It is born, grows, transforms. Its boundaries change over time and space. The best emotions are those shared. And what's better than a table, to share them? Vero, the true concept of a table, from which a naturally amazing collection arises...

Tavolo Vero
Ecodesign Leonardo Collezione Arte Brotto Mobili

Nature is our main inspirator. A deep love for the environment and a strong attention for social and economical sustainability guide Arte Brotto’s full production and working approach. Starting from our vital material: wood. We commit to the use of solid wood solely, Canaletto walnut and oak especially, originated from European forests that are certified and managed correctly and responsibly.

Ecodesign Leonardo Collezione Arte Brotto Mobili