Solid, light, unique. Vero.

The aesthetic and design research of Arte Brotto creates a new, surprising solution that enhances the authenticity and eco-design of the Vero table.

The new T-Glass tempered glass leg let the two solid walnut or oak boards to show themselves in their essence.

The natural edges of the log, the flames and the knots are processed by hand and enhanced: each piece is unique and unrepeatable and it seems suspended in the air, creating an elegant dialogue between the strength of the solid wood and the lightness given by the transparency of the glass.

Vero is available in a wide range of finishes, from the most natural to the most contemporary. Each table is unique and tells an ancient story, suspended in time.

The glass leg is a solution that Arte Brotto also offers in the Geo modular wall bookcase, allowing to create in the living area an eco-design furniture with a contemporary taste and a natural breath.

Solid, light, unique. Vero.