Celebrity Big Brother 3. From Monday, September 24th millions of eyes focused on Arte Brotto

Arte Brotto is once again the main character on television. After the “Celebrity Big Brother 2” and the “Big Brother 15”, our company has been strongly desired to furnish the set of the transmission. 

Our completely made in Italy eco-design, made of real wood and craftsmanship, and the ability to respond with tailor-made solutions to the customer’s requests, are some of the features that led the production of the most famous and beloved reality show to choose us as Official Partner for the third time. 

From September 24th, our furniture will become part of interweavings, alliances, games and confidences between the famous protagonists of the transmission. After the great success of the Vero table, in the Walnut version of the “Celebrity Big Brother 2”and in the Oak version of the “Big Brother 15”, what will Arte Brotto products be like in Italy's most spied house?