Arte Brotto is one of the most interesting and innovative Italian companies of the art furniture. A credibility built in 50 years of history: industrial strength and artisan creativity, technology, and excellent manual dexterity, knowledge of tradition and contemporary taste, with total control over the supply chain. Buying an Arte Brotto piece of furniture means choosing the authentic Made in Italy, expressed by a family that since 1966 has been synonymous with passion for wood, from generation to generation. Insight, skill, work, three words that describe the first steps of the success of Sante Giorgio Brotto, who from the early age of eighteen decided to start his own business, after undergoing an adequate apprenticeship in the workshop initially devoted to the restoration of artisan furniture.

An ancient practice, which turns him into the new exponent of a history that spans centuries and allows him to learn the traditional construction methods, fundamental background for those who want to accomplish with competence products and original collections. With this solid foundation, and with the crucial help of his wife Danila De Nardi, Sante Giorgio Brotto soon starts to design and develop furniture that impose themselves on the market as an example of the classic and contemporary. From that initial experience to date, Arte Brotto has never ceased to innovate and innovate itself. From the most classic lines of the early years,

the company has moved with creativity and intelligence, attentive to new trends but never surrendering to the fashions of the moment. Classic, Contemporary, Eco Design: every taste, every lifestyle can be found in the furniture of Arte Brotto its construction in terms of materials and aesthetics. Ten thousand square meters in the heart of Veneto, approximately seventy employees working in the carpentry department, in the polishing department and in the offices: master craftsmen with over twenty years of experience turn small, large craft miracles the continuous research that defines a high-profile design, indulged by the choice of the technical solutions from time to time most suitable.

Firmly rooted in the territory in which it was born

with an eye to the world, due to the presence in the stores of dozens of countries: for this reason Arte Brotto is appreciated and recognized by an increasing number of customers, from the US to China, from Italy to Russia. Travelling around the world, a Russian Dacha or in a New York apartment, in a farmhouse in the countryside of Siena or in a Beijing skyscraper, Arte Brotto always feels at home. It creates a unique and special atmosphere, everywhere. Because the real Made in Italy knows naturally how to move through time and space.